Dating & Daytime Approach: Approach Basics #2- Physical Flirting
November 24, 2019
Dating & Daytime Approach: Cultural Differences – Russian vs Western Girls
December 1, 2019

Women & Dating: Hot Coffee Shop Girl – “Twilight World’

I tell the story of my second date with a girl I approached in a Cafe Nero coffee shop in the summer, four months after the first. It was a surprise that she came out, and I had in fact forgotten about her – having given up on her. But then I was thinking of doing a podcast interview and I remembered her. Since she was such a fun and a lively conversationalist, on subjects such as women & dating, about which she talked freely, I asked her to appear on this channel. She agreed. But the meeting took an unexpected turn… I look at how to deal with that difficult, “twilight world”, that exists in-between dates, and how to navigate it. This is a series of individual vlogs charting the method of approaching girls in the daytime. This series will then be followed by a series on the dates themselves. This is the A-Z from the first approach, texting, then through the dating sequence and all the way to the bedroom.