Dating & Daytime Approach: Approach Basics #5 – Frame Tests
January 12, 2020
Blog Series: “In the Bedroom”
January 13, 2020

Women & Dating: A Girl’s View of the Dating Game

Here is a recording of an Instant Date with a Canadian girl I met a few weeks ago. She was clearly open in conversation and happy to talk about a girl’s perspective on the dating and mating game. So here, with an introduction, is that date, secretly recorded on my iPhone. She gives the girl’s perspective on online/tinder, age, and what she looks for in a man…

This is a series of individual vlogs charting the method of approaching girls in the daytime. This series will then be followed by a series on dating tricks and tips. So this will be your pocket A-Z from the first approach, texting, through the dating sequence and all the way to the bedroom. I also interlace actual stories of my own dates and adventures to spice things up.