Daygame Podcast #17: Isn’t It Just A Numbers Game In Daygame?
May 12, 2018
52 First Dates Project Update (Date 17): “Catastrophic climax whilst scaling the Russian Mountain…”
June 16, 2018

Mini Project Update #1: “Natural Approach” – Myth or Reality?

I give my first proper update since beginning a new mini project I which I only approach girls spontaneously during the course of the working week when I see someone I like, rather than specifically going out to hit on girls…can it work to generate enough dates?

It was an idea that came about because I had come to the end of my 52 First Dates Project as I was reflecting and reviewing and wondering what the next steps were, having not found a partner and also wondering whether or not my standards had changed. I was very busy and was also reflecting on what skills I had learned.  I try to focus on learning, so that I am not repeating mistakes in this area of my life.  So this period of reflection has been important.

However I wanted to keep the YouTube channel and this website ticking over and so I decided this would be a fun project and not too intensive or time-consuming.

Stay tuned.