Update #8: Natural Approach – Groups of two girls & Intent
October 25, 2018
Update #10: Natural Approach – Myth or Reality? Conclusions
November 6, 2018

Update #9: Natural Approach – should you be aiming for sex on a date?

Should you always try and go all the way to sex on a date? The PUA industry says you should try and escalate and move it forward to the bedroom, but is this always the case. I consider the question in the light of a second date with a girl who I met in a coffee shop, early morning.

I have since been on a third date with this girl, at her invitation. It was a great date, a long and leisurely Sunday afternoon together. We fooled around a little, kissed and so on. However, whilst she was superb company, the cold, hard truth is that I am not hugely attracted and I found myself preferring a mini-friendship rather than a sexual adventure with her. Perhaps I am showing my age, but I find myself not wanting to escalate and seduce just because I can.