Update #7: Natural Approach – Ukrainian Coffee Shop “Mini-date”
October 14, 2018
Update #9: Natural Approach – should you be aiming for sex on a date?
October 30, 2018

Update #8: Natural Approach – Groups of two girls & Intent

I make an approach of a group of two girls and am reminded of the key elements where you are dealing with groups during daytime approach. I also address the issue of “intent” and its underlying importance. I made the mistake of not closing after actually playing a blinder during the interaction, because of a weasel-thought that said, “She’s local, you’re bound to bump into her again, just roll off and wait.” Wrong! It has now got cold and she has vanished into her winter burrow, I fear.

I do however talk about an earlier approach of a couple of years back, in which I approached a girl outside Buckingham Palace who was with a guy, not a girl. I did get her out on a date and it is a good story and learning note on how to deal with that type of situation, which was even more challenging one than this group of two girls.