Update #6: Natural Approach – What do you do with long-game “maybe” girls? A texting surgery
October 9, 2018
Update #8: Natural Approach – Groups of two girls & Intent
October 25, 2018

Update #7: Natural Approach – Ukrainian Coffee Shop “Mini-date”

I break down the elements of the approach when I meet a hot twenty-five year old Ukrainian in a coffee shop. Whilst I manage most of the elements of the interaction well enough, a late-night spent with a girl had left its mark and I am left wondering whether I slipped into not generating attraction and instead making the conversation too personal and social.

The learning note is that even traditional Ukrainian girls who believe in god and marriage still need to feel attraction towards you, so be careful. Whatever a girl’s background, she still needs to feel that primal attraction or it will prove difficult to get her out on a date. She texts back – but will she come out? Ultimately she did not and so it is a case of, “lesson learned”, I fear. But it is through our failures that we learn most.