Update #9: Natural Approach – should you be aiming for sex on a date?
October 30, 2018
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November 25, 2018

Update #10: Natural Approach – Myth or Reality? Conclusions

In this final part of the natural approach project I arrive at conclusions as to whether or not you really can meet attractive women whilst you are simply going about your day to day, spontaneously approaching girls. I also touch on the importance of reviewing progress in order to know how best to go forward into the future.

My conclusions are that you can generate at least 1-2 dates a week if all you do is just spend 10-15 minutes out of your day to approach an attractive woman or two. In that one week one date will be a new date, the second date will be a second, third or fourth date. This seems more than enough dates for any guy. But there is a major caveat: I conclude that you can only do this once you have learned this stuff. A beginner would be at sea and whilst there is of course always the chance he will luck out, usually the numbers he gets will flake. he really needs to have the skills down first. This is, co-incidentally, exactly what happened to me when I first went on a bootcamp. 7 numbers but I got no dates.