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August 19, 2018
Mini Project Update #1: “Natural Approach” – Myth or Reality?
August 26, 2018

Podcast #20: Interview Alex MacLellan – Life Coaching & Inner Game

Do guys face inner obstacles in improving their dating skills and if so, can life coaching help?

I interview a life coach recommended by James Tusk who worked as a pick-up coach for Richard La Ruina’s old company, PUA Coaching, before going his own way and setting himself up in the self-development industry. He specialises in Integral Eye Movement Therapy. It is a very interesting discussion in an area into which I do not usually delve, as I am a sceptic of “Inner Game”. But it proved rather fascinating and there was value for myself as well as insights into the crossovers between self-development and game.

Here is the Alex MacLelland video I mention in the podcast: Emotional Resilience Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76J2sRvGsFw

Find out more about Alex & his services here:
Email: alex@practicalanxietysolutions.com
Website: www.practicalanxietysolutions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/practicalanxietysolutions