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November 15, 2017
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December 10, 2017

Daygame Podcast #10: Interview With James Tusk

Here is “The Book of Pook” that James’ recommends

And here is his YouTube channel

Jame Tusk’s website


Here is a taste of what James and I are chatting about….

Alex Forrest: Perhaps, just simply ask you to tell us what was the inciting incident that got you into this crazy journey?

James Tusk: Sure, so I was I guess the stereotypical good-looking guy who would be standing
in the corner of clubs around the age of sort of 24 downwards just not going anywhere and you know to be uninitiated and as I thought though I thought it’s all about looks I was really confused. Because obviously from seeing it from a guy’s point of view when we look at a woman, of course, we judge her predominantly on looks. But you know I guess not having the social and emotional intelligence to put myself in the shoes of the opposite sex and understand they actually appreciate different things.

I look to myself and there I thought hey what the fuck’s going on I’m a good-looking guy and yet I was getting no action very frustrating. And only later down the line you know after discovering game did I you know you realize that looks whilst they’re away in they are not the be-all end-all. I know plenty of good-looking guys that don’t go late and I know plenty of stereotypically quote unquote ugly guys that get a lot of action

Alex Forrest: I did want to just interject there because actually, that is a really interesting important point. A lot of guys suffer from the idea that you have to be good-looking. And yeah and actually I mean just say a little bit more about that and why is a fiction because guys listening a kind of thing yeah yeah James you look a handsome guy I’ve seen you on YouTube let’s be honest that’s what’s attracting the girls.

James Tusk: Yeah, so it’s an interesting point and I guess two guys looking for playing the victim
mentality looking for reasons why they can’t succeed. But perhaps, I can, they’re obviously gonna pinpoint okay I’m not gonna lie you know. I would recommend as a guy you absolutely maximize your looks things like dress, well things like you know, have you have your skin looking good. If you’ve got acne get laser eye surgery except to go to the gym you know being good shape. These are all value adds to a woman and it also signifies to other people you take care of yourself and on a personal level you know if you’re in good shape and you look good you’re gonna feel good and you’re gonna project that out and people will buy into that.

But you know for example, if I know massively like using the number system but if you classed me as a male eight looks wise typically speaking I’ll get a wide and I’ll be able to easily sleep with girls below that tension so eight and below but the girls that I want and remember game is relative and personally contextualize to the individual. I won’t be able to get you know my nines intense I still have to know the game to be able to do that.

So I think you know people forget that game is all relative and looks alone yeah well they might get me some girls that iíve used beneath me that doesn’t solve the problem. In terms of you know the girls I’m actually looking to to get with you know you should always be looking to punch a few points hard and then what you view yourself as and that’s why game day game as itself is a very good value you know ad mechanism to be able to go and see these girls but then again on the date you’re still going to have to know game. You can’t just get away on being a good-looking guy as happened in the past I was going out I got very good the street stuff cuz I treated a game like a sort of party trick and then I’d have girls very hot girls coming out on dates and they would see right through me straight away because I had nothing to back it up.

No frame at all I was the scared little mouse and ax that was an incredibly frustrating part having these stunning girls out and getting absolutely nowhere on dates with them so that’s another phase. You have to learn if you think about the three-phase of day game being the approaching you know being able to speak to any girl anywhere anytime the texting usually takes care of itself and the dating and relationship management is the third stage third stage obviously the most time-consuming…