April 26, 2018

52 First Dates Project – Date 28 (Update): There Is A Heaven & Hot Russian Sex!

As my shameless, click-bait title suggests, this was one of those wonderful, beautiful moments in life when everything (or everyone) comes together…  
April 26, 2018

52 First Dates Project – Date 17 (Update): What Happens When The Guy Flakes On The Date?

Another installment of this marathon series with the steely Russian, Date 17; will flaking after her bad behaviour stimulate us into some sexual activity at last, […]
April 26, 2018

52 First Dates Project – Date 32 (Update): Why are you still single?

The 3rd date with a really cute, sophisticated brunette who challenged me with the BIG date question, “Why are you still single?!” Got me thinking.  
April 16, 2018

Free eBook Part I Of “52 First Dates” (As Recommended By Tom Torero)

To hear more about 52 First Dates and Alex Forrest’s adventures into the pick-up world, check out: Mr. Forrest behind the mike with the legend of daygame […]
April 8, 2018

52 First Dates Project – Date 17 (Update): Don’t hate the game, hate the player*

*A play on Neil Strauss’s quote in the front matter of his book. “The Game”, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. 52 First Dates Parts […]
March 31, 2018

Daygame Podcast #16: Don’t Begin The Journey…* – Intermediate Texting

*…unless you mean to finish it. Mr Forrest and Ian discuss intermediate texting and that whole challenging period after the street approach or first or second […]

“Everyone is selling something”.

What is my agenda, in making vlogs and writing books in the area of women & dating?

In this series of 10 vlogs I consider the key questions that guys thinking of getting better at women & dating need to ask. Here I reflect on the online world in the area of self-help and what I am producing a YouTube channel for and declare my interest in using it as a platform for my writing.

10 key questions on Women & Dating –
Q1: Should guys learn Game?
Q2: Is game incompatible with a long term relationship?
Q3: What is “game”?
Q4: What is my agenda?