April 11, 2017

“No Date, Mate “: How do you deal with multiple flakes?!

The week I get nothing, no dates, nada… And I record the vlog on the day I get 3 dates and 3 flakes… Urgghhh!!!
April 5, 2017

Daygame Podcast #2: Date Rejection Stings!

Rejection from the one good prospect of my 6 first dates so far…
March 30, 2017

Dates 5 & 6 Older Dudes: Can a girl be too young?

I have couple of dates with attractive – but young – girls and find it hard going.
March 24, 2017

Daygame Podcast #1: Date Roundup March ’17

I review how things are going with the girls since their first dates… And also take a look at challenges and sticking points
March 18, 2017

Date 4 Is a boring date a bad thing?

I go on an instant date with an accountant during the daytime and the date feels slow, awkward and clunky, but perhaps that’s not a bad […]
March 14, 2017

Date 3 Can a date go too well?

I have a very good date, but is it too good and too smooth? I am left wondering…

“Everyone is selling something”.

What is my agenda, in making vlogs and writing books in the area of women & dating?

In this series of 10 vlogs I consider the key questions that guys thinking of getting better at women & dating need to ask. Here I reflect on the online world in the area of self-help and what I am producing a YouTube channel for and declare my interest in using it as a platform for my writing.

10 key questions on Women & Dating –
Q1: Should guys learn Game?
Q2: Is game incompatible with a long term relationship?
Q3: What is “game”?
Q4: What is my agenda?