October 31, 2017

52 First Dates Project – Date 29 (Update): Quick News On Girl #29

Here is quick news update on the recent developments with the girl # 29… 52 First Dates Kindle Ebook in parts ONLY $0.99!!!
October 31, 2017

52 First Dates Project – Date 31: Instant Date With Google Translate Help

This was one of those street approaches and then instant dates that makes you go, “Wow” and reminds you how amazingly powerful daygame can be – […]
October 22, 2017

52 First Dates Project – Date 27 (Update): Recent News

An update on the current progress with my date number 27…
October 22, 2017

52 First Dates Project – Date 30: “Monkey Girl” – Teasing & Signalling Intent

I had a really fabulous date with a statuesque hot Russian and decided to lay on the attraction by telling her how much I liked her…was […]
October 22, 2017

Mini Update – Date 11

October 6, 2017

Dating Stories #29: “Cadbury’s 99” – Last minute flakiness from a Blonde Russian

I “break the dating rules” whilst out with a hot Russian teacher on a first date, by marking her student’s english homework….am I being the gay […]

“Everyone is selling something”.

What is my agenda, in making vlogs and writing books in the area of women & dating?

In this series of 10 vlogs I consider the key questions that guys thinking of getting better at women & dating need to ask. Here I reflect on the online world in the area of self-help and what I am producing a YouTube channel for and declare my interest in using it as a platform for my writing.

10 key questions on Women & Dating –
Q1: Should guys learn Game?
Q2: Is game incompatible with a long term relationship?
Q3: What is “game”?
Q4: What is my agenda?