Daygame on the streetI offer Skype calls to guys who email me on or if you want to meet for coffee I can do that too. I simply ask that guys buy my books before the call. I am not a daygame coach, however, so it occurred to me that it would be useful to list those coaches whom I have met and whom I have had happy experiences with. One of the problems that I first experienced when starting out in 2014 was having to hack my way through the online jungle in order to find guys who not only knew what they were talking about but also were coming at it from the right place. (See Chapter 3 of my book, “Too Late, Mate?”) This page houses links to these guys and their organisations with a short summary.

Tom Torero

Tom is of course one of the gurus of daygame and actively doing it day in and day out. He has a great online presence and you could pretty much listen to just him for daygame and dating knowledge. However he is not so easily pinned down as a coach, because he does not do much these days and travels a lot. He was one of the two key coaches on my first bootcamp and was great on the first day because he had a positive, high energy and was supportive and pushed me into approaching. You can find more about Tom at

Jon Matrix

After Andy Yosha left Jon and Dave Diggler set up their own company. It is called Male Mastery. Jon was one of the key coaches on the daygame bootcamp I did. On the second day of the bootcamp Jon’s style was perfect as I had learned the basics and he was silent and supportive and did not engage in unnecessary chit-chat but let me get on with it. He understood that if I was going to progress in this area of my life post-boot camp, I had to get in the habit of approaching off my own bat. When I did he was then very supportive and encouraging and his advice was on the money. What I liked about Jon is he was following the same path as he wanted to use these skills to get into a relationship, which he subsequently did and last time I checked it was a very happy and serious one.

Nick Krauser

I have not met Nick Krauser and I have my doubts about his life-style (“banging loads of birds”, basically!) Not my cup of tea. But whilst I may not like Krauser’s politics and would not want to hang out with him for that cup of tea, quite frankly he is really scientific in his approach and has the integrity of a scientist in this area of social dynamics. I have used his book Daygame Mastery a lot (for texting, for instance). And I also hear from guys who have been his students that he is very thorough and practical and I have to say that I like the sound of his coaching style. If Krauser is abrasive and you do not like his style, it may because you are stuck in a “nice guy” mindset and he is probably the perfect fit for you! He clearly likes to shock but I dare say there is more bluster on the outside than inside and for all I know he is a solid bloke. You can find him at

James Tusk

James is a regular guy and easy to talk to and is keen to have guys normalise daytime approach into their everyday lives. He is in his twenties and has an association with Kezia Noble who used to regularly refer him work. He is also one of the younger breed who learned from Tom Torero and Jon Matrix. He has started to generate his own work and has developed his own youtube channel. He is based in London near the City and so perhaps better for those guys, particularly younger guys, working in the City, for instance. He seems to be pretty active and doing bootcamps. I have only met him once, but we are doing a podcast shortly so will post it up here when finished. You can find James at

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