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June 10, 2017
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June 26, 2017

Date 12: Faded Beauty – how hard is it for women?

I go on my first tinder date and find her perhaps the oldest girl I have dated since I began daygame and daytime approach. How hard is it for women, I am left thinking…

15 June 2017:  I have now completed my first Tinder Date, Date 12, and this first one was hard work. But not because of the girl, who was genial and polite.  What it has shown me is that there really is a big difference with Tinder in that, whilst you may not be approaching girls “cold” and having to do the work to get their number, you are nevertheless having to commit quite a lot of time to someone whom you really may not be attracted to.  (And you fear may not be attracted to you.)  You then have the “hard work” of going through with it and actively trying to like someone or at least connect with them on a date.

When approaching girls during the daytime you know that you like them, otherwise you would not take their number and so you are are excited to meet with them on the date.  Not so with Tinder!  Girls are masters at the art of photoshop and you also really do not know what you are going to get in terms of their personality.  It would be crass to just walk up and leave, or use one of a number of lame excuses.  In fact this lady, a corporate lawyer in her early forties, was very civilised and showed me the way.  She ordered one glass of wine, took her time drinking it, engaged in interesting conversation and was receptive to my flirtatious advances (hand-holding and caressing).  And then, about 70 minutes in the date when the waiter came round, she politely declined a further drink and so I did too, thus bringing things round to a close.

Going forward I need to be a little more careful in who I invite out, as I have to be honest with myself and admit that I far prefer younger girls, at least in their early thirties, rather than forties.  I simply was not attracted to her – though I did try to be as open as I could.  The pressure of Society (at least here in the West) tells you that you should date girls your own age.  But if the last 3 years has taught me anything it is that you must make your own mind up and not be swayed by Society or peer pressure.