Too Late, Mate? – A Daygame Memoir

“Too Late, Mate?” tells the true story of a singleton and relationship virgin who spent most of his adult life bewildered, struggling to figure out where he was going wrong with women and wondering where he had misplaced his sex life. In the process he had achieved the impressive feat of amassing the largest collection of female friends known to mankind, whilst simultaneously failing to sleep with any one of them.

When all else had failed – relationship counseling, psychotherapy, the self-help book industry, secret cults, salsa dancing, tree-hugging… he stumbled on a bunch of renegade dudes who were experts at the art of approaching and attracting women during the daytime.

It transpired that attracting women was not about waiting for “the one” or “being yourself” but about taking action. Indeed, taking action was the key to understanding the mystery about what women found attractive. So began an 18-month journey in which he met literally hundreds of girls in the street, went on dozens of dates and EVEN managed to persuade one or two of them back into his bedroom.

All without ever going anywhere near a dating website, bar, or nightclub…

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